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Brainwashing people with education

Ever since John d. Rockefeller created the US General Education Board in 1903, the world seemed set for a big change. To date, I think it’s valid to say that the education system produces a constant supply of employees always need money, work and security. This phenomenon seems to bear witness to the fact that we have been brainwashed to be addicted. After all, before 1903 or even the industrial revolution, most people were farmers and small business owners, not employees.

Today, most people go to school to be taught to work for the rich, shop at the stores of the rich, borrow money from the banks of the rich, invest in enterprises of wealthy through mutual funds, but not how to be rich. Let’s now cut each of the facts mentioned above.

First, many educated people are cared for to work for the rich, because the education system puts too much emphasis on job security. Remember to ask your teacher why you should study hard and get a response that only by studying hard can guarantee a good job? This is done to instill in people the subconscious fear that their finances will not be safe without a job, discouraging entrepreneurship. With fewer people become entrepreneurs, employers get to recruit and retain the best talent (tapping on this fear) and leverage their expertise to increase your wealth, get richer.

To add, many educational institutions teach their students to shop at the stores of the rich because most rich people own part of these schools or donate large sums of money to them. In return, these institutions must repay these favors to get substantial funding. Have you ever wondered why some stores like Macs are always seen in schools? Due to this worthwhile investment by wealthy, consumption for their products increase steadily, bringing them greater wealth.

In addition, many people unknowingly are drilled to borrow money from the banks of the rich, when you don’t have enough. Have you ever wondered why universities give brochures on banks that offer college credit? To add, many of these banks also distribute their committed in schools to preach the benefits of loans (to have for example a credit card it makes elegant) and selling students the illusion that it is convenient to borrow money from banks. All these were done to ensure a steady supply of borrowers to banks, which in turn earn money from the poor through interest capitalization. With this, our next generation has had to borrow from the rich to make them richer.

In addition, many schools also teach their students that it is safe to invest in businesses of the rich through mutual funds. This atrocity is aided by financial institutions that planting many of them cronies to instill in young people the value and benefits from passive investment or leaving “experts” to manage their money. All these allow financial predators prey on your money legally (via taxes and fees) under the guise of helping you. I always remember financial advisors going to school talking about how good funds? Leaving aside the sales speech, most of them also tell you which funds charge fees and commissions where also can leech your money if you pick the wrong stocks and lose your money? I bet not yet many brainwashed is ongoing.

Now, many might ask that since it is so bad, why doesn’t the Government step in? I have 2 responses to your question.

Firstly, the Government does not have enough power to offend the rich, because if all these capitalists withdraw their capital, the volatile economy will go bust. Moreover, politicians are elected to protect rich systems that fund their campaigns.

Secondly, this phenomenon remains taxes, debt and rising inflation. All these weaken people financially and enables greater consolidation of government power. As many of you know, most people will do anything to maintain and gain power.

So to conclude, I believe that readers have gained a clear understanding of how and why the next generation is being indoctrinated to enrich the rich. In the meantime, since we can now see the big picture, it is vital that do something to reduce or stop this, allowing for more equality in this world.

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