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Pick, Pack, ship: Know what you need when choosing a full service provider

There are lots of storage and packaging companies available to handle your pick, pack, ship needs, but not all offer full service assistance or even the appropriate engineering, space or software to fully automate your order fulfillment needs. When you’re ready to look for an expert execution of order, some prepared questions and make sure you can get the coverage that is necessary for all the operations that you want to outsource. Expert pick, pack, ship provider will be able to answer your questions and outlining clearly their proposal so that you know what they can and cannot offer.

Voice Pick-which version are you using?

Pick item is the new order fulfillment solution on the market. No longer in its infancy, pick entry can now provide extreme precision and fast cash outs awesome speech recognition protocols which mean more users can use the system when necessary. Ask about the database system provides a way to record the activities of voice directed picking? Can users easily refer to a search order as necessary? The voice activated system can be directed to use specific templates per carton, pallet or truck? The increased flexibility that has built up in their system by voice, the less likely it is that you’ll get scrap into one system to another as it expands operations.

The company has development and internal engineering?

It is preferable to work with a realization that has in-house engineers and developers who can take a new approach for the pick, pack, ship process and turn it into a custom solution for your business. Taking a business of warehousing and shipment that you cannot redesign old systems or develop a new one for your shipping needs cannot evolve without outside help. Make sure you ask if they have on site engineers and designers working with your company as changing needs. Internal experts can build custom solutions that the slightest touch, reduce labor costs and improve ROI. Guaranteed validation of results expected of any customization should be offered also from any pick, pack, ship’s organization.

They offer advanced print and apply systems?

Print and apply systems can significantly reduce labor costs when combined with automatic packaging. Also improve the accuracy of the printed address labels and packaging. In fact, you can reduce shipping costs significantly simply by using a print and apply system that allows a single operator to do the work of up to 15 traditional workstations, focused on posters and labels. The best print & apply solutions take into account the size of your product, any special packaging requirements and the final cost savings objectives.

How can help you reach your goals?

Any provider of warehousing, packing and postage can get the job done, but you’re looking for someone who can not only get it done, but do it in a way that will improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Be very clear about what you are looking for. Is saving time or saving money your primary focus? You must increase the precision timing or delivery order? You will need significant storage space for your products?

Quickly get answers to some simple questions will tell you if a company can combine all your needs, including voice activated automation, print & apply and pick, pack, ship systems, into a single customizable solution.

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