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Increasing life expectancy and the retirement income you want

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show an increase in life expectancy. Living longer is something that we should celebrate, but what effect will it have on our retirement income provided?

According to the latest statistics, men who retired at age 65 in 1981 could expect to live 13 more years, now that the number is 17.6. In 1981 once had reached retired men could expect to spend 9.9 years in good health, but now they can wait another 12.8 years of good health. A similar though less marked increase was seen for women through the same time period.

While most rightly we will welcome the prospect of a longer life and more healthy, I could trouble for retirement savers who have not saved enough. After all, the longer we live more our pensions will be required to cover the cost of those extra years.

As life expectancy increases retirement age State is on the rise and the Government payments are unlikely to cover the cost of living up to the standards that many of us expect, before we begin the construction that retirement pot better.

In fact, the ONS figures also suggest that many are working longer into retirement, often simply because the Board is not an affordable option.

So what steps can we take to ensure we can retire in comfort in a timely manner?

First things first, it is important to start saving in a pension as soon as possible. This might be a program offered by your employer or a personal pension scheme of your choice, at any rate before you start saving, the better.

Later in 2012 the Government will begin gradual changes to the pensions bill designed to encourage retirement savings, including the introduction of auto-enrollment (employer you will need to sign up automatically to their pension scheme). The new laws will make it mandatory for employers to offer eligible employees pension contributions. However, these changes will not be complete until 2018, so it may be some time before the potential retirement savings can benefit.

If you are already paying into a pension scheme that you may want to consider a review board led by a professional adviser. A review of retirement can help you forecast the probable size of your pension pot at retirement, based on your current situation and desired retirement age. You can then modify accordingly your contribution to bring them in line with the desired income pension.

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